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"I'm not interested

in fame, but changing

lives who change 

communities worldwide"

About Me

Author * Filmmaker * Host * Minister * Speaker * Entrepreneur

Lateka S Carter has a heart for people. She is "SYNERGISTICALLY GIFTED TO PRODUCE & PROVOKE CHANGE." 

Throughout the years, Lateka has worked with groups of women, men, and youth, as well as businesses, schools, and churches in creating events, workshops, conferences, and outreaches in various communities within southern Virginia, North Carolina, and now Atlanta, GA. She has assisted many by empowering, educating, and offering services, per the need. She is a Community Activist, Coach, and Mentor. She understands the many struggles in life and how “easy” it is to want to give up, but utilizes her acquired wisdom/knowledge and God given talents to be of service to her communities and audiences all over the world.

Lateka speaks to the hearts, minds, and souls of women, men, and children. She has mentored many for personal and business growth opportunities. She is a Transformation Coach who empowers and inspires many to excel to their "God-given" potentials of greatness. She speaks at workshops, conferences, and groups, as well as sought after to help mentor others to excel in life.

Please be warned. Her "motivational method" is contagious and anyone who has an opportunity to be a part of her audience will feel the pull to change for the better. Her 
motto is to "empower, inspire, educate, and provoke change". 

She believes if you "dare to be different, then you will stand to be counted."

Lateka S Carter's Living in the land of "ER"

Living in the Land of "ER"

When you want more you can't afford to keep living in a dysfunctional manner of day to day. When you want more, you have to do things differently to receive bettER and more rewarding results. Destiny is calling your name. It's up to you if you will listen to answER. 

We all have a decision to make and a role to play in life. Again, it's up to each one of us on how we position ourselves for our purpose in life. It is important to be positive, effective and productive productive. God did not create us to be anyone less than our purpose or to live less than, undefeated lifestyle. 

What you do with this life matters. How you live this "one life" also matters. Sometimes, you just may not understand how to find your purpose or the next steps in positioning yourself for a healthiER, self-sufficient, and balanced life so you can walk in your purpose and passions. This is where my skillset, co-mingled with my gifts and talents come into place. 

I would love to help you "dig deepER, think deepER, look furthER, & live richER" with each decision you make in life. I would love to help TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE not just for another year but transform it for a lifetime. 

Living the life you've dreamt of can be obtainable. It just depends on you and your ability to say, 


Transition You in 90 Days

Transition You in 90 Days

Lateka has created a self-help inspirational journal to help transform your life in 90 days.  It is an interactive self-initiative daily journal in which she has created ways to challenge you from your normal day to day routines. Lateka designed these journals to help coach each person through this 90 day journey & to help them become a healthier, more self-sufficient, balanced person mentally, physically, spiritually & finacially.

Start Your Transformation Journey Today! #TransformMyLife

Have you felt as if your life is not worth living? Do you constantly feel there is no longer a reason to hope for change? Have the storms of life stripped you of your joy, peace, and the desire to believe your life will ever get better? Before you throw in the towel or simply walk away, please know your life is worth living and it is possible to live a life full of peace and joy with balanced abundance.


SAVE MORE MONEY BY BUYING BOTH JOURNALS TODAY FOR ONLY $20 plus shipping & handling cost. That is only $10 for each book. Regular price for journals are valued at $19.99 each. So, you’re basically buying 1 and getting the 2nd one for FREE. Can’t beat FREE, right.

Decision Making

Embrace the Future

What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? 

Believe it or not, but this answer is not people or things that are holding you back. The answer is "Self". In order to soar in life, you first have to learn how to flyer. Let me take the further. Before even learning how to fly, you much allow yourself to dream you can fly, want to fly, and then believe you can.  There are steps involved. There is a process to moving forward into the next level of life.

Even with moving forward, each answer still begins and ends with you. Don't allow self to hold you back by embracing fear of the unknown, but embracing the faith of a larger future at hand in works for you. To believe you can achieve, you first must take the steps necessary to position yourself to know you will achieve the impossible. 

"This journey is yours howbeit the steps unknown. Allow faith to be the stepping blocks needed and your past to be the fuel to enable you to get there."-LSC



January 13


Membership Drive, Atlanta, GA-

Mentorship Program Manager & Member

January 20

Casting Call for Stage Play

Greensboro, NC

March 17

The Pink & Blue Affair Fashion Show

Atlanta, GA-Host

April 29

Stroke Benefit Concert

Greensboro, NC-Speaker

May 5

DIVAS Conference & Stage Play

Greensboro, NC-Host & Director

July 28

DIVAS Conference & Stage Play

Martinsville, VA-Host & Director

December 1

DIVAS Conference & Stage Play

Atlanta, GA-Host & Director

December TBD

Casting Call for Feature Film

"Mommy, Where's Daddy"


May 19-20 

Atlanta, GA ACHI WSWA Love Yourself Conference-Speaker

May 31-June 5

KY & OH-3 City Tour Shine Productions TV Filming-Host

June 9

Atlanta, GA Sweet Sixteen-Host

July 7-9

KY-Shine Productions TV Filming-Host

July 27-28

Atlanta, GA-Video Filming-Executive Producer/Director

August 25

Atlanta, GA-And We Thought- TV Interview

September 1-3

Charlotte, NC-CT NC ATL 2017 Reunion-Host

September 8-10

KY-Shine Productions-TV Filming-Host

September 22

Atlanta, GA-The Experience Conference-Speaker

September 30

Atlanta, GA-Pose Wellness 4th Anniversary Celebration-Keynote Speaker

October 20

Experience Atlanta Worldwide Teleconference-Speaker

October 21

Feed the Community Women's Shelter, Atlanta, GA

November 10-12

Shine Finale Recording-Host

November 17-18

Women with a Call International Moving Forward Conference

December 9

Private Event, Atlanta, GA-Host

December 16

DIVAS Conference-An Elegant Evening of Networking & Restoration-Stockbridge, GA-Host

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Lateka S Carter is sure to leave your audience captivated, inspired, motivated, and encouraged to reach new heights in life after they have been in her presence no matter their reasons for attending. She is synergistically gifted to provoke the audience to change for the better.

Lateka speaks at conferences, group workshops, meetings, and can even host your event or red carpet. Whatever the need, all it takes is one email to start the process to see if she is a great fit for your vision. She can even design a workshop for your audience from intimate to a larger interactive setting. 

We are more than happy to discuss this with you. Please feel free to email or call us about your request.

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